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YesStyle Haul + Review

If you're like me, and are somewhat considered a shopaholic, (,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)you may already know, the online store called YesStyle, which is one of my favourite clothing sites to buy stuff from.

YesStyle is known to be as one of the leading asian clothing retailer, they sell items from Japan to Korea, and more.

(Link to the store!)

What I like about the store is the vast selection of items they have and the majority of the items are very cute and girly. ^-^ They also have many different brands that you can choose from as well and often have sales each week.

Another good thing about the site is that, not only do they sell clothing, they also sell many beauty products such as makeup and wigs!

Unlike other online retailers, for Canadians, YesStyle will offer free shipping with any purchases at or over $25!

(Please NOTE: I am not affiliated with YesStyle in anyway. Everything you will see, I bought on my own.)

Let's start, shall we?

The items I'm about to show you, I had bought a while ago, but I never did a review until now, since I just started the blog and now have a better camera.


Yup, the order this time, only consists, of tights.

59 Seconds Bow-Accent Two-Tone Tights
(Photo courtesy of YesStyle)

Camisole: Forever 21 | Skirt: YesStyle

Pros: From the haul, these tights are my favourite! The bow adds the element of cuteness to it, but as well, the entire design, also creates the illusion of the tights, to be a garter, adding a touch of sex appeal. The tights are stretchy and once you put in on, it's comfortable and smooth. 

Cons: The material the tights are made of is very weak, especially, the top half. If you don't take good care of it, the fishnet-like material will rip very easily. DO NOT, and I repeat do not, put these tights in the washer, this will wreck the tights, and it will rip apart (Learn from my mistake, haha). Hand wash it, instead! Another thing is that the bows are not sewn, but glued onto the tights, making it very flimsy and easily to fall off. (This hasn't happened to me, but I've read other reviews in which other people have experienced this.)

These tights can easily be paired with shorts, dresses, or my favourite way, with skirts. I do believe the tights can be worn in any season, it depends on how you style them yourselves. 

Thinking of buying these tights? Click Here!

59 Seconds Rabbit Print Two-Tone Tights
(Photo courtesy of YesStyle)

Sweater: YesStyle | Skirt: Forever 21

Pros: These tights are adorable. If you're a huge fans of rabbits, then I believe these tights will do you justice. The material of the tights are very comfortable and soft. The skin tone is very realistic as from afar it looks like the skin of your legs.

Cons: The one thing about this tight is that it only comes in one size. And if you're a small person like me, the tights might go up way to high. (SHORT PEOPLE PROBLEMS, FTW! :/) I'm exactly 5'0", but luckily, so far any of the tights I bought from the store, has not gone up to high.

These tights are more casual in comparison of the bow ones. These tights can be easily matched up with dresses, skirts, shorts and sweaters. And if you're like me, have to be peculiar, match it up with a rabbit shirt or sweater! :D Which reminds me, I missed out on a cute bunny sweater that was 30% off from TopShop T_T

Want these rabbit tights? Here's the Link!

59 Seconds Heart Print Two-Tone Tights
(Photo courtesy of Yesstyle)

Sweater Dress: Angela's Store

Pros: I like the illusion the tights give, from afar, it appears like knee high socks with heart tattoos all around. In comparison of the other two, these tights are probably the most flexible, in that, it stretches easily. However, it is not as soft as rabbit tights.

Cons: Again, these tights are one size. So, if you're short the tights will look longer and the images go up will way higher. And if you're tall, the tights will look too short. Although, I'm unsure, which height is middle ground, all the tights I have bought from Yesstyle has been at the perfect length, so if you're 5'0" like me, (Hiii :D), we good.

These tights can make any casual outfit cute. Ideally, the Fall, Spring and Summer seasons are best to wear it. If you do wear them in the Winter, I would advise to pair them up with warm, tall boots.

Click Here, if you want to take a better look at these tights.

I was skeptical of shopping at YesStyle at first, since I had read reviews on their service on other blogs. But I gave it a try since I couldn't resist all the cute things they had offered *-* Overall, my shopping experience with YesStyle has been great. The free shipping price is reasonable, and in my experience, the orders at least 7-10 days to get to my house. 

Although there are things that there that I have to include that I do not like about the site and one of them is that whenever they run out of stock of the items that you want, it will either take a month for them to restock or unfortunately, they will run out, and you will not get the item that you ordered. As well, you will not get refunded in money but in YesStyle's own credits, in which if you collect 1000 points or more you'll receive a gold membership, meaning for every item you will get 10% off immediately.

If you have any questions to ask me about Yesstyle, ask away! I don't mind!

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡

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