Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Forever 21 Haul


I haven't been posting lately, sorry about that. >_< I've been too busy dealing with school and work. But now, that I have some free time (not really, suppose to be studying...._.) I'm able to make a new post and today, I wanted to share with you guys my small Forever 21 haul.

Forever 21 is one of my favourite stores to shop at. I like the variety of clothings they sell and at a reasonable price too! I usually tend to go for items that are quite girly (i.e, has floral patterns, laces and pink coloured) but I surprised myself this time, by getting none of my usual go-to clothing items.

What I got:

-Striped dress
-Tan coloured cardigan
-Green collared dress

Usually when I go in Forever 21, I tend to buy skirts over dresses, but the time I was shopping, they were having a great deal, in which, all dresses were 30% off! 
(NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, everything you see, I bought myself!)

Here's some better closeups of the items:

Saw this dress online and I was going to buy it, luckily I didn't!

My new favourite cardigan sweater, it's so soft, and the length is perfect.

Probably my second green dress I ever owned.
I took pictures of what each items looked like when worn as well. ^-^ (Perfect, excuse to camwhore, HAHAHA, xD) And to do different hairstyles as well. :3

Green Dress:
Socks from: Forever 21 | Wavy Hairstyle

Tan Cardigan:

Jean Vest from: Urban Planet / Black Denim from: Forever 21 | Side Ponytail
Crop top from: Forever 21/ Red skirt from: Urban Planet | Straight Hair
Tank from: H&M/ Skirt from: Forever 21 | Side Braid
Tank from: H&M/ Skirt from: Forever 21 | Side Braid

Stripe Dress:
Socks from: Forever 21 | Curled Hair
Belt & Hat from: Forever 21 | Curled Hair

From the haul, I have to say the cardigan is my favorite piece, since I can dress and match it up with a lot of different clothing articles, it's super soft and warm, and the length is great, it isn't too long to cover my knee high socks.

The striped is dress is really cute as well, but it only pops out when you add accessories.

The green dress is comfortable and snug, although, one of the main reasons why I bought it was because I'm going to dress up as Louise from Bob's Burgers for Halloween (well, either Louise or Tina).

The Belcher Family: Louise (left), Gene (center), Bob (back), Tina (center and right) and Linda (right)
(Photo credits to Bob's Burgers and Fox)

Oh, and if you been doing the long way by editing your pictures through your phone (i.e., loading pictures on dropbox, then editing on phone) like me (soooo smart /sarcasm), and don't have a simple photo editing program or photoshop on your computer, I found a great online website that allows you to edit photos for free and no registration!

Hope you enjoyed my haul!

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ootd #1: Zig Zag Chic

Hey guys!

If there's one thing to know about me, is that I love posting my outfits of the day, as I find it fun to do. Haha, it's something that I do on a regular basis, especially if I'm out shopping,  at school or at work.

If you want to see more of my previous outfits of the day, besides the ones I will be posting on the blog, check out my instagram!

(Shameless plug in, I know! :D)

And now that I have a camera that takes high quality pictures and a tripod, I can actually take a full body length picture without relying on the changing room mirrors or any body length mirrors I see and run to.


Today, I present you to a cool outfit that mixes bright colours and intricate patterns together, and that I called "Zig Zag Chic."

(Cause, you know, modeling in your own room, is cool. :P)

Ideally, this outfit is perfect for the hot weather, i.e. Summer, but if you throw on a dark pair of cute knee high socks with ankle boots and a thin, sweater, it can be worn in the Fall or in the Spring.

Normally, this type of outfit is not my cup of tea, especially the shorts. When I first picked it up, I was 'iffy' about it, because I don't usually wear shorts that have such detailed patterns and a mixture of colours. My fashion style is more of a casual, but cutesy look. So when I tried the shorts on, I was surprised how much I liked it.

I matched the shorts with the hot pink tank because it added another layer of a bright colour to make the outfit pop even more. However, the golden triangular necklace (another piece that I wasn't too sure about, but end up loving) seals the outfit, as the touch of gold substance and odd shape make it not too casual and more to the chic side.

NOTE:  All the items that you're seeing, I bought with my own money.

Let's take a closer look.

The shirt is much brighter than it is depicted in the picture. It's a very bright hot pink. What I love about the tank top is the cool chevron design or zigzag patterns on it. The downside to the shirt is that it's somewhat transparent, so you have to wear something under it. As well, it looks much better tucked in, than left out on its own.

Not only are these shorts comfortable, but the patterns are very unique. The mixture of colours makes it pop out. Any shirt that is paired with these shorts, will be overshadowed, as the patterns of the shorts are very eye catching. 

I love this necklace and apparently my sister does too, since it reminds her of the triforce from the Legend of Zelda, hahaha. The only downside to this necklace is the length, it`s a bit too short for my liking.

(***Note: the picture of the mini purse from Guess is missing. T_T I misplaced it in my room somewhere, after I took the ootd picture.)

Tank top from: Forever 21
Necklace from: Forever 21
Shorts from: H&M
Purse from: Guess

This was a fun post to write, :) I love writing about my outfits of the day, so don`t be too surprised if there`s more posts to come!

Thanks for reading!
Courtney ♡.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Strawberry Nails

Hi, everybody!~

Looking for an easy and cute nail design to try and do?

If you're like me, and are too cheap to spend or don't have any money on manicures, one cute & simple nail look is painting your nails into strawberries.

The materials you're going to need are:
-White nail polish
-Pink nail polish
-Green nail polish
-Top and a base coat
-Toothpicks (or bobby pins)
-Sparkling pink nail polish coating (This is optional though)

Top & Base coat is not pictured.

Let`s begin! ♚--->

1) Paint a base coat over your nails. This is to ensure protection for your nails as the nail polish does have chemicals in them and can affect your nail plates.

2) Next, you want to paint all your nails with the white nail polish with one coat. This is required in order to make the pink colour lighter. (If you're fine with the colour of pink you have, then you don't need to paint all your nails white.)

3) Paint all your nails, except one, pink.

4) Now, it`s time to create the leaves of the strawberry. I went for more of a cute approach, so the leaves are much bigger and the ends are rounded. In order to paint the leaves, paint the edges of the nail diagonally in a long line and then paint a line in the middle. Make sure there are spaces between the lines in order to create an illusion of the leaves.

5) With the remaining white nail, grab your sparkling nail polish and paint numerous coats over. The sparkly nail polish that I used was light, so I had to use four coats, in order for the pink to be more noticeable
Step 4 & 5.

6) After your nails are dried, now it`s time to create dots on the base of the pink colour. The dots are supposed to represent the seeds of the strawberries. If you don't have a proper dotting tool, you can use toothpicks or a bobby pin.

7) Finally, when you wait for everything to dry, you can paint your top coat over your design, to make it clear and have a protective layer.

The end look!

And you`re finished! :) Without spending any money, you can easily create your own cute nail designs, anyway you want.

Time of length: 20-30 minutes.

NOTE: If you're going for a realistic look, you can paint your nails red, but in this case I painted my nails a light pink, to go for a cute/kawaii look.

An alternative strawberry nail look.

If you've done a strawberry nail design, post your blog link below, I love to see other people`s version. :D

Thanks for reading,
Courtney. ♡

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hi there!

You somehow stumbled onto my blog! Hooray! Have a cookie. :3

When I started this blog, I was stuck on what my first post would be, and then it hit me, why not give a quick introduction about myself? :)

I'm Courtney, (AKA Daiisoo), and I've always wanted to have and maintain a blog ever since I could remember. I believe the first time I did blog, was when MSN, had finally incorporated a page where you could just blog about anything (I feel like I'm dating myself....). My next experience of blogging was when I created freewebs, that time I just wrote about anything and demonstrated how to make Hello Kitty keychains. However, with both of those blogs, I never kept up with it, and I soon lost interest.

But hopefully now, with Blogspot, I will be able to maintain this one and be able to share my posts with you guys!

Right now, I'm at a point of my life, where I'm not sure what I want to do entirely. I've been going to college to study health science, and soon will be transferring to university. But I've been asking myself is this what I really want? Do I want to continue my eduation of health science for the next few years? And my answer to that is no.

Truthfully, like many other people, I've come to realize what I have been studying is not what I enjoy, and it took me a long time to realize that. It also took me awhile to accept that even though I'm not too sure what I want to do in life as a career, it's okay because a friend once told me that I have to explore and try new things.

And what better than that, to finally start a blog? Haha.

Although, I do have a sense of what I do want to try, there's part of me that doubt myself, which is something I want to work on.

For myself, I'm a girly girl, I love the colour pink, makeup, clothing and love styling hair, so don't be surprised if this is what my blog contains.

I'm hoping to start a youtube channel as well, something that I wanted to do for a long time.

I'm a shy person, but once I get to know you I won't shut up. :x

So let's talk and be friends!

And while an introduction may not be necessary, I'm actually glad this is my first entry, so I can look back and see what I wrote (cringe, even...xD) and to see how what my life is and was like.

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡.

(A picture of me.)