Sunday, November 2, 2014

♢DIY♢: Happy (Late) Halloween + Halloween Costume (Louise Belcher and her Hat!)

It's going to be a somewhat long post today, but first:


It's the first time I dressed up for the longest time. When I was little, I thought trick-or-treating was the coolest thing in the world, I mean, free candy! But then in mid elementary, I stopped, because I thought it was lame and now I regret it, cause I miss getting free things. That being said, I can't even remember how old I was the last time I wore a costume, but I can tell you this, I probably dressed up as a cat.


This year I went as Louise Belcher from Bob's Burger.

Louise selfie :D

A closeup.


I was going to dress up as Tina at first, because, let's face it, we're all Tina's deep down, even if we don't want to admit it. Plus, Tina kicks ass! 

Haha, here are some examples:

But it's all good, I'm making my sister dress up as Tina and my parents as Bob and Linda for a family photo and my dog, somehow as Gene xD, HAHAHA.

For my costume, I couldn't find a simple green t-shirt dress, which I found odd, since I read that T-shirt dresses were supposed to be 'in' this year. I basically looked everywhere, until I found a dark green dress from Forever 21. The only problem I had with the dress is that it's way darker than Louise's.

I was going to order a t-shirt dress off Ebay, but by the time I decided to, I noticed that the shipping would take a month to get to my house, which meant, by the time I would recieve it, Halloween is over. 
(This is the lowest price for these dresses)

My Mary Jane shoes I had for the longest time, and I believe I got it from Payless, but if you're planning to dress up as Louise next year, and don't have Mary Janes, you can simply improvise and use simple black flats as well.

Now for the hat, which is Louise's trademark signature, is handmade. At first, I was going to buy it off Esty as first, but I realized the price was too high for me o.o, so I decided to buy the materials instead and let my sister make it for me, since she likes to sew and create things.

The materials you need are:
-Pink fleece or felt
-Head Band
-Fabric Glue
-Sewing Machine 
-Glue Gun
(NOTE: The glue gun and sewing machine are two different ways to create the hat, if it were up to me, I would have used the glue gun, since I don't know how to use a sewing machine properly)

Some of the materials used. (Mistake, fleece was bought at Dressew, as well)
Side view of the hat.

Here are two examples of showing how to make Louise's hat:

(Both these links provide paper guides for the hat and more importantly, the bunny ears!!!)

There are only three key items you need for Louise's costume, but I felt it was too plain, so I added a chalkboard which I attached a string to, so I could wear it as an ornament. The chalkboard was from Daiso, so I got a good deal!

With that, I could write one of Bob's Burgers of the Day Names.

And this is how the chalkboard looked liked when wore:

For my hair, I also decided to curl it instead of letting it down straight, I thought it looked nicer and cuter.
Oh, and if you're really detailed-oriented, Louise ties her hair with yellow elastics.

Doing Louise's signature pose.

It was fun dressing up! Although I have to admit, if I wasn't working on Halloween, I probably wouldn't have bothered. Although, it really made my day that some of coworkers and customers knew who I was. Though, it was nice to relive my childhood, haha. I usually don't celebrate Halloween, and I just stay at home, (I'm an introvert, you see).

And of course, all credit goes to Bob's Burgers and Fox, and for the cute dividers I got it Here!

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡. 

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