Monday, January 26, 2015

[Review]: Daiso Makeup Brush Cleaner + Daiso Winmax Slim Lipstick

Happy Monday everybody! c:

Recently I went to Richmond to keep my friend company, as he was buying a birthday gift for his other friend and knowing that Daiso was near, I convinced him I wanted to go there and Aberdeen Centre, (haha, it worked). 

Before stepping into Daiso, I explored/snooped around Aberdeen Centre since its been quite awhile I shopped there and was pleasantly surprised to find a Tony Moly in the mall. :)

A Tony Moly, now located in Aberdeen Centre.
If you're not too sure what type of store of Tony Moly is, it is a well-known Korean cosmetics and skincare store that was founded in 2006. It's similar to the Face Shop, but of course, these two stores sell different types of cosmetics/skincare items. 

Now that a Tony Moly opened into Vancouver, we, Vancouverites can have an easier access to buy their branded items, (although, I have to say prices are a tad bit expensive/overpriced). :$

My small haul from Daiso!
Items bought at my favourite store, Daiso! :D
When you enter Daiso do ever get overwhelmed? Admittedly enough, I usually do Dx, and I tend to buy a lot of things, but this time I surprised myself, by only getting a few items, that I needed/wanted.

What I got
-Makeup Brush Cleaner
-Winmax Slim Lipsticks (in Cherry Blossom & Raspberry)

:||| And I know just wrote on my last post, that I wouldn't be spending any more money on beauty related items, clothing, etc., (yeesh, I'm a hypocrite!!! Dx), but...I couldn't resist getting things from Daiso (:/ I need to work on my willpower.) Anywho, as a fair warning, this post is going to be very picture-heavy and long, so be prepared!

{Makeup Brush Cleaner Review}

What the product says it does:
"Removes dirt from the makeup brush and sponge to keep it clean. Wash the brush and sponge on a regular basis in order to use it longer. Does not damage the user's skin and easy to clean."

What the product instructions are:
1. Put the cleaner into the container and dip the brush/sponge thoroughly
2. Wash the brush or sponge by swirling the brush/sponge in a circular motion
3. Dry the brush or sponge with a towel
4. Let the brush or sponge dry naturally

To be frank, I absolutely hate washing my makeup brushes, its something I dread, which is ironic, considering how, to put it lightly, anal/freaked out, I am when it comes to skincare. When it comes time to wash them, I usually use baby shampoo and warm water. So, when I spotted this product at Daiso, I grabbed it, since, I had read positive reviews on the makeup cleaner from other bloggers.

When cleaning my brushes, it was the first time I used the Daiso makeup brush cleaner so this post serves as both of a first impression/review of this product.

Of course, my makeup brushes have to be pink.
I did not have a container, so I used a plastic cup instead.
I squeezed the makeup brush cleaner up until, the bottom rim/line of the cup and then added warm water to the cup, at least a quarter away filled up.

Liquid foundation, why you gotta be so noticeable? D:
I decided to use/test my foundation brush first, since it was the most dirtiest from the bunch. 

Doing the instrumental steps of cleaning brushes, dipping and swirling.
In this case, for the foundation brush, since it had been a while since I last cleaned it, (yeah, I know, ew!), I had to swirl the brush in a circular motion for a few minutes. But that's okay because....

The result!
I was very satisfy with the outcome!
The makeup cleaner was able to wash away the excess foundation of the brush.

Got to clean my most used brush, too!
 I also wanted to show the result of the brushes, that had darker and pigmented excess makeup on it, such as my eyeshadow brush, which still had leftovers of a dark violet eyeshadow on it.

From dirty to clean.
I decided to test the cleaner on one of my most used makeup sponge too, and was pretty amazed at the result! My sponge looked practically new!

➨However, let me just point out, that while the cleaner worked, there were still some minimal spots of makeup left on the sponge and the eyeshadow brush. Despite that, I think this product is a really good buy and investment. Instead of spending a whole lot of money on a name brand makeup brush cleaner, you can buy this gem from Daiso, for only $2! 

(Please note: I did use some of these brushes and the sponge a few days later after I cleaned them, and I had no irritation on my skin whatsoever, so another plus!)
-Product is cheap, a good buy
-cleans majority of excess makeup
-serves its job
-very reasonable amount for $2 (150ml)
-Smell is weird (but can easily be washed of from the brushes but not sponges so much)
-Does not get every excess off.
If you're wondering where to get a collection of pink makeup brushes, there are similar ones from EbayAmazonBornPrettyStoreRoseGal or Sammy Dress
(Both RoseGal and Sammy Dress carry the exact same brush set that I'm using.)

{Winmax Slim Lipstick Review}

Adorable packaging. ♚
The lipsticks out of the packages, Cherry Blossom on the left & Raspberry on the right.

What the product says it does:
"The Winmax Slim Lipstick has a creamy texture and is easy to apply. It hydrates and provides a soft touch."

What the product instructions are:
1. Apply lipstick by starting in the center of your upper lip
2. Work from the center to the outer edges, following the contours of your mouth
3. Finally, glide across the entire bottom lip

So unfortunately for me, the Daiso in Richmond has their cosmetic area right across the cash registers, and me being a sucker, for being unable to resist cute packaging and loving lip products, I grabbed these two lipsticks before we left the store. 

The lipsticks are from one of Daiso's own cosmetic line called Winmax. I really like the simple, cute and girly packaging. The white and gold design and decal was a nice touch and I liked the slimness of the tubes of the lipsticks.

There were 5 colours that the lipstick brand offered: Apricot, Cherry Blossom, Mocha, Raspberry & Salmon Pink. From these five, I selected, Cherry Blossom and Raspberry.

On the packaging of Cherry Blossom, it is described as "Chic Sweetie."
Swatch of Cherry Blossom.
Wearing Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossom is light matte, solid pink, that reminds me of the colour the company Mattel would use for Barbie or the packaging for Barbie items. Despite the name, it doesn't really remind me of real Cherry Blossom colours, as it is a bit darker. Overall, it's a very nice and sweet colour, very suitable for a girly girl.

Raspberry is described as having "Sophisticated Charm."
Swatch of Raspberry.
Wearing Raspberry.

Raspberry is a dark reddish pink, but more so towards the pink colour spectrum. Although depending on the lighting, it may come out looking more red. Comparing the two lipsticks, Raspberry is definitely the brighter and bolder one. The colour stands out alone. This colour is more daring and is most suitable for someone who wants their lips to be the main focal point of their makeup look.

(More pictures, just so I can post more selfies, ;A; I'M SHAMELESS)

I wasn't expecting much from Daiso cosmetics, truthfully. I'm always weary when buying makeup that is sold so cheaply, so I was definitely surprised at the quality of the lipsticks were. First of, the colour of lipsticks were very pigmented, which was great! Secondly, application and gliding was easy, the lipsticks itself were soft and smooth.Thirdly, the duration of the lipstick is pretty good. It can last from between 2.5- 4 hours if there's no eating or drinking involved. But if you do eat or drink, the colour does not come off right away, the colour just becomes lighter.  Lastly, the lipsticks actually does hydrate your lips with its creamy texture! :)
-Price is cheap!!!
-Colours are very pigmented
-Bold colours
-Creamy texture
-Hydrates and smooths lips
-Application is easy
-No smell
-The lipstick brand does not come in many colours
-Bold colours can a bit bright at times
-No smell (if you like lip products with a smell)

Final Thoughts:
Would I BUY these products again?
A big definite yes!!! The prices are great for the items you're getting. The makeup brush cleaner is great, it does wash off the makeup. The lipsticks are in great quality for the price you are paying

Would I RECOMMEND these products?
Again, yes, if you're a bit lazy like me when it comes to washing brushes, the Daiso makeup brush cleaner is your best friend! If you're looking for bright, creamy lipsticks, then I would highly recommend the Winmax slim lipsticks.

{[Guilty Pleasures]}

(Well, television show-wise, I mean.) 

Sigh...:/ have you ever found a show that was good and entertaining, but only to be shocked to find out that it was cancelled? And even worse, it was cancelled on a CLIFFHANGER?!

That's pretty much of the situation I'm in now, once I discovered the show, Popular

The cast of Popular.
Popular was a comedy-drama, created by Ryan Murphy and originally aired in 1999-2001 on the WB. It's about two groups of friends, the unpopular group and popular group joining together, disrupting the social hierarchy, when the two main characters parent's get married. I had heard of it a year ago, when I was reading about the shows Ryan Murphy had created, and was interested to see how his first ever show was like. 

Before I started actually watching it, I read about it on wikipedia. and was curious to find out why it got cancelled on a cliffhanger. (Yep, I was judging that it got cancelled because I assumed it was a bad show.) 

But now that I actually began to binge-watch the episodes, I'm so mad at the fact about the ending. >:( It's a funny, clever and great show, and very satirical. I also love  seeing the 90's fashion and hair in play while chuckling slightly (although, I have to say, chokers, are coming back in style) and I like seeing how people interacted without the use of smartphones that are so dominat in today's society.

So if you ever need a show to watch, I highly recommend Popular, especially season 1, you'll be introduced to two of the funniest characters on it, Mary Cherry and April Tuna.

To move on onto something else, I'm excited that one of the mangas that I read a few years back, Strobe Edge, has been turned into a live-action film, that will be released later in March! :) Strobe Edge was created by Io Sakisaka, it's a shoujo manga that centers around Ninako Kinoshita and her falling in love with a fellow student, Ren Ichinose.

I'm not the best at summaries, so I'll just link the wikipedia page of it, Strobe Edge.

 Plus, it's one of the few mangas that I have followed and I liked/enjoyed the ending...(looking at you HnR & NARUTO >:c)

Can't wait for the movie!!!
So I was actually going to add more to this post, but I decided against it. Anyways, I'm pretty satisfy with myself, seeing how this is my fifth post for January alone! :) Woot! Be sure, that upcoming posts, will roll around soon, if not, then most likely in February.

I'm going to try to do various posts that is related to beauty and fashion and hopefully, create a Youtube video in the near future, it's something that I want to do and push myself to do, since I think it will be good for me to conquer my shyness once and for all.

As always, thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡.


  1. The make up brush cleaner is so cute and it's effective in cleaning.The lippies are so cute too and I think the colors suit you very well:)

    1. Aw, thanks!!! :) Yeah the cleaner is really effective! I should stock up on them.

  2. Oh! I wish we had a Daiso here! The color of the lip products are really nice!
    hehe I recognize the actor starring in Strobe Edge! He was a Kamen Rider :D
    Celestial Star

    1. Aw that sucks that don't have a Daiso where you live, btw, if you don't mind me asking, what part of the world do you live in? :) Hehe, *-* Sota Fukushi <3 really can't wait for the movie.

  3. You got such nice things! The lipsticks look so pretty, especially the packaging, I wish they had Daiso stores in Toronto too ahah :)
    I'm also a fashion/beauty blogger, would you like to follow each other on google+? Let me know!


    1. They don't have Daiso stores at Toronto? O-O, that's really surprising. Hehe, yeah the packaging was what drew me in the first place.

      For sure we can follow each other! :)

    2. Sadly they don't :( I think they only have them on the West Coast!

    3. Aww that sucks :( Haha, I'm pretty sure Toronto has other better stores than over here in Vancouver.

  4. wanna try the lip products, but can't find any in daiso here :(

    1. Aw, they should have Daiso stores everywhere >:) best store ever~

      Thanks for reading!!! :D

  5. The lipsticks are too cute! Lovely post!

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~My New Outfit Post!!!

    1. Thanks Payton, the lips are really cute, the packaging was what drew me in >=<

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  7. Such a great review of the products! That make up brush cleaner looks like a good find! :) Hope you can visit my blog. Let me know what you think and if you want to follow each other.


    1. Thank-you very much! :) Haha of course, we can follow each other, I will visit your blog as soon as I'm done replying to everyone ^^

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    1. Thanks for reading ^^ and have a nice day as well!~

  9. Wow, I'm amazed at how well the brush cleanser works on that dirty sponge. ;O I've been searching for it at my local Daiso store but it's always sold out so I ended up getting the brush cleanser in the white bottle. Have you tried it?

    xx ieyra | babysoulz

    1. Noo I haven't tried the brush cleanser in the white bottle, but funnily enough that was the one I was looking for, because I read up on the product itself on many blogs and it had positive reviews.

      I stumbled onto this one and I couldn't find as much reviews on it as the other one, but I'm glad I took the chance to buy it! :)

  10. This is so lovely!

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    1. I will for sure follow back! :) Thanks for reading and replying to my post.

  11. The lipsticks look so lovely and you look sooo cute <3 I've never heard of Strobe Edge before, but I need to check it out after you recommended it!

    She Will Be

    1. hehe, and aww, thanks so much!! :) Yes you should definitely check out Strobe Edge, it is a very cute story.

      thanks for reading & replying!

  12. omg i love this post haha c: i want a daiso in ny but there is none :C

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

    1. Thank-you Jessie!!~ :) Hehe, they should have Daiso stores everywhere. :p

  13. you are so lucky to have a Daiso nearby... I've been hoping there would be one near me...

    btw... love the lipstick colour... it looks great on you :)

    1. Awwe, thank-you, you're too kind ^o^

      I was really surprised that they don't have any Daiso stores in Toronto O-O, I mean, after all, it is largest province in Canada, so I think they should have one soon.

  14. I never try any Daiso cosmetics before but they looks so nice on you! Also the brush cleaner is my fav too! I usually only found the sponger cleaner and just about at the end of last year that I saw the brush cleaner :D

    1. Thank-you~ I was kind of scared of trying cosmetics from Daiso before, haha. But my friend loves their products, so it did give me a sense of reassurance they were okay, and in fact, they were! :D I just recently saw the sponge cleaner a few weeks ago, but I forgot to pick it up >-<

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