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[Review]: Daiso False Eyelashes

As you can tell by my username, I love the store Daiso! In fact, it's one of my favourite stores to shop at, since it sells about almost everything you need from home supplies, DIYs items, food, to makeup. The majority of these items priced at only $2, which is a great deal!

But what is Daiso?

If you're unsure or unfamiliar, Daiso is a company from Japan, and is well-known to be an unique store, as it functions to serve as both a convenient and higher-quality dollar store. They carry various and numerous items, that are in great quality considering the price they sell it for.

In Vancouver, there's an official Daiso store in Richmond, specifically in Aberdeen centre. As well, there's a smaller, but sister store of Daiso, located at Tinseltown, called Yoko Yaya.

Both of these stores, which sell similar items, are known to be popular as the products they carry are very affordable to the public.

And today, I would like to review fake eyelashes AKA falsies, that I bought from Daiso a while ago. That being said, I'm still relatively new to applying fake eyelashes, I have not ventured out as much in trying new brands, the only ones besides Daiso eyelashes that I have tried is the brand Eyelure, which Target sells.

For the price that I got the eyelashes for from Daiso, it is safe to say, for those who are new and want to play or practice around with the lashes, Daiso would be your store to go to, this way, you won't be splurging or wasting that much of your money. It has various selections for different styles of eyelashes and a lot of choices of different 'brands' of eyelashes within the store.

Isn't the packaging adorable and girly? 

The pair of eyelashes that I picked up, did not have a specific brand name, it was simply called Eyelash, which is kind of boring if you ask me, but it does get points for packaging, since its cute and all.

From the selection, I chose this pair because I liked how the length of the lashes and its appeal looked more similar to an animated character, which I was going for. If you recall, during Halloween, I dressed up as Louise Belcher from Bob's Burgers, and these eyelashes were the perfect fit, since it looked almost the same as Louise's.

However, by that time, I wasn't able to use the eyelashes, as I really sucked and wasn't use to putting them on. >=<

A closeup and more detailed picture.
By comparison to other styles of eyelashes, this pair does not have that many individual lashes, meaning your eyelashes will not look fuller. 

Also, unlike other false eyelashes, the band is not invisible, so it does not create a natural look. Instead the lashes has a black band, which can be blended in with eyeliner, if used, or if not, can be used as your eyeliner.  

Here are some example pictures with the lashes:

I'm already wearing eyeliner with the lashes, but with it, it creates the illusion of a thicker eyeliner look

Noticed how long the lashes extend.

While they don't give a natural look, they do their job, by creating longer lashes.

♚[Overall Thoughts]♚
The packaging was simple, but girly and cute.
The comfort of the lashes, was not so great.
The quality was average at best.
The price is great, very reasonable.
The overall rating for these lashes are:

For the price I paid for these lashes, I could not be happier, knowing that I bought it from Daiso, I know at least I did not spend a lot of money compare to buying name brand lashes. As well, the selection I was given to choose from was vast, so if you're picky with your lash styles, Daiso provides a number of different styles, from full, natural, long, etc. 

However, there were two things that do make me question and deter me if I should buy the exact lashes again. One reason is the comfort of the lashes. As I was wearing the lashes, part of the thick band poked out, which led to the band touching and poking my eyelid. The band was also thick, and not too flexible.

The second reason that made me question the pair of eyelashes is the quality of the lashes. While more higher-quality and expensive brands of lashes are softer and closer to natural hair, the Daiso lashes, quite obviously, were plastic. Another problem, was when, even though I carefully removed the lashes, the longer lashes had already split in half, making it look like split ends.

Would I recommend this pair of lashes?
Yes, I would, if you're looking and going for more of animated appearance or want your lashes to appear longer. 
 For the price you pay, you are getting a deal! 

In fact, in general, I would recommend beginners in buying false eyelashes from Daiso. You won't be spending a whole lot of money and you also have a wide range of different styles to choose from. For those who want play around and create new makeup looks, Daiso lashes are highly recommended as well. The lashes sold at the store are great for those who need more practice with the application of the eyelashes.Lastly, if you're looking for inexpensive lashes, Daiso is and should be your go-to store.

I would just note, to be weary of the quality and comfort, and don't expect too much of it, especially the quality. 

Thats going to be it for now, hopefully this review is somewhat insightful and thorough enough for you guys to decide whether or not to buy from Daiso ^-^

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡.


  1. These lashes look great! been meaning to get a good pair for a while now, thanks for the review :) xx Yuki

    1. Thanks for reading! ^^ Daiso is probably one the best stores to get eyelashes for cheap and a lot styles to choose from.

      And lovely site you got there! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, and yup, Cantonese. :) Ty for commenting!!!

  3. I'm looking into the market for new false lashes (first time) but i've heard great things about the daiso false eyelashes!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥ New Post! ♥

    1. I would say Daiso has great lashes for the price it sells for, although the more you spend the better quality, you'll get!

      Thanks for the comment! :D

      (p.s. I think your blog is adorable.)


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