Thursday, January 1, 2015

Merry (Late) Christmas + Happy New Year! {{Swatches, Ootds & Quick Review ft. Dr. BrandDt BB Cream }}

First things first, (and late as well):


Hope you guys had a great and fun Christmas this year!

For me, it was family dinner after dinner, which was good, I got to eat a lot of food! :D Although, nowadays, when I get older, I'm starting to find myself thinking that Christmas, goes slowly by. I remember when I was really little, the day, went so fast, since I was very excited about receiving and opening gifts. I like to think it's a sign that I'm growing up, hahaha.

One of the gifts that I received this year, was a small makeup haul, (woot!) from Sephora.

In detail:
-Silver Sephora brand nail polish 
-Sephora eyeshadow [in Western Leather No. 20]
-Tarte lipglosses 
-Laura Mercier lipstick [in Passion Fruit]
-Dr Brandt bb cream [in light to medium]

I've never bought a single/separate Sephora eyeshadow myself, so I was pleasantly surprised that when I applied it to my lids, it was very smooth. Oh, and it was also very pigmented, another plus! Although I shouldn't be too surprised since I reviewed about sephora 4 eye look book palette previously.

On the picture, the darker lip gloss is actually, a dark pink and not red, as it is depicted on the photo. Both glosses are very shiny and very bold when put on. The lip glosses itself, don't have a specific name, as I believe they are sample sizes.

Ahh, when I saw this lipstick, I was so excited, after all, its my first Laura Mercier product! :D The colour of the lipstick is called Passion Fruit. The lipstick itself is very light and shimmery, its a very nice colour, although I recommend, its best use over another lipstick colour.


I'll be the first to say, that I heard of numerous BB cream brands, but when I recieved this one as a gift, I was quite intrigued and excited, as I never heard of Dr. BranDt, before. 

As soon as I could, I tried the BB cream out, and let me say there are some pros and cons about it:

Sadly, it does not smooth out well.
The colour could be a bit better, it really depends on your skin tone. The one I received was 'light to medium' which was way too dark for my skin, but if it fits/matches with your skin, then you have a winner!

The coverage was average at best, it did cover some imperfections of my face, but for some it did not do its job.

The application was confusing to me, O-O. While I put it on, I had no problem, it was silky and smooth. Yet, when it came to blending, thats when the problem arise. I blended the BB cream as best I could, but it still came out patchy.

My overall thoughts/rating:


Here are a couple of shots of my outfits for Christmas dinners.

***Sorry for the quality of the pictures, I no longer have a camera at the moment, so I have to use my samsung S2's camera instead.

Dress: Free People
Cardigan: American Eagle
Shoes: DSW Shoes
Necklace: Forever 21

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Socks: Forever 21
Shoes: DSW Shoes

Sweater: YesStyle
Skirt: Urban Planet
Socks: Forever 21

And finally, I can say this with pleasure and somewhat proudness (as I am going to post a post on the actual event on the actual day :p)

I hope the new year brings you guys happiness and fulfillment. Hopefully, I will be able to achieve all my new resolutions for this year, especially when it comes to school and my career choice, and personally, for this blog, to write more!

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡.


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