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[Review]: Sephora 4 Eye Look Book Set

Hey peeps,

So recently I stopped by at a newly opened Sephora (which is great, yet bad considering it's near where I work, good-bye paychecks T-T), to check out their items and of course, I couldn't resist getting something from there. What I picked up is one of Sephora's new limited edition eyeshadow sets, called Sephora Eye Look Books

The first thing I noticed was the packaging as it is quite cute, as it imitates the appearance of a book set, which appealed to me. 

But also, what drew me in too was the fact that the set came with different eyeshadows to create 4 different looks. I just got into makeup, so I'm not that good when it comes to creating different looks when using eyeshadows. 

There are 4 books and 4 different eye looks: 
Book 1: Smoky Eye Look
Book 2: Nude Eye Look
Book 3: Party Eye Look
Book 4: Metallic Eye Look

All of the books came with 5 eyeshadows, a mirror, a clear sheet that numbers the eyeshadows and an illustration that guides and teaches you how to put on the eyeshadows in order to achieve the intended look, a little tidbit, that is perfect for makeup beginners!  

The "book" packaging for the palette is adorable!

Overview for all the books/palettes.

Book 1: The Smoky Eye Look

Book 1 is described as having the following: 
"A collection of 5 smoky eyeshadow shades including a modern grey, a sultry matte black, and a soft white to  highlight, for a glamorous smokey eye look."

This book also comes with a sparkling and glittery black and a gunmetal blue eyeshadow.

Fun fact: I realized they misspelled smoky on the cover, it should really be spelled as smokey eye look.

I numbered the eyeshadows on the picture below because I took off the sheet. For all the books, the numerological order stays the same.

The eyeshadows go numeric order by starting at the very top left, then going clockwise.

Book 2: The Nude Eye Look

Book 2 is described as the following:
"A collection of 5 natural eyeshadow shades, including a beige champagne shimmer, a warm brown and an intense cocoa shade for an irresistible nude eye look."

The other two eyeshadows are a shimmery dark orange-brown and a shimmery grey.

Book 3: The Party Eye Look

Book 3 is described as the following:
"A collection of 5 vibrant eyeshadows, including a deep purple, a soft pearly pink and metallic grey for a dazzling party look."

The book also comes with 2 other eyeshadows, a metallic violet and a basic beige.

Book 4: The Metallic Eye Look

Book 4 is described as the following:
"A collection of 5 metallic eyeshadow shades, including a delicate gold, an intense copper and a golden khaki, for a luxurious metallic eye look."

The remaining two eyeshadows are a shimmery dark brown and a metallic dark yellow-brown.

Some Thoughts:
I like the fact that there are different books to create unique looks. I love the fact that they have illustrations to teach people how to apply on the shades of eyeshadows, as its perfect for people like me, who don't know how to use eyeshadow properly just yet. The size is another great thing, because its travel-friendly. Another plus is that the dark eyeshadows are very pigmented and soft. 

Short summary:
-travel friendly size
-darker eyeshadows very pigmented
-application is very easy and smooth
-included illustration/instructions/mirror
-4 eyeshadows per book
-1 highlighter
-various colours of eyeshadows (20 in total)

The darker eyeshadows are pigmented, while the lighter ones are not so much.

The lighter eyeshadows are not as pigmented. Also the way the book is made, I'm not too sure how I would be able take out the eyeshadow pan when needed. That being said, as well, there is no clear answer how deep the eyeshadows are in the pan.

Short Summary:
-lighter eyeshadows not as pigmented
-unsure how deep the eyeshadow pans are
-some of the matte shadows tend to crease

Final verdict:

The Sephora 4 Eye Look Book is perfect for a makeup beginner who has no experience or is not good at putting on eyeshadow and creating different looks. With this set, a person would be able to learn how create many looks with the help of the illustrations inside each volume. 

The price is not bad, considering you get 20 eyeshadows for $35 and 5 guides to teach how you can achieve the looks.

All and all, I would most likely recommend this to someone who's starting to get interested in makeup or is having trouble creating other looks with eyeshadows. But if you enjoy the eyeshadow colors/shades or just a makeup junkie overall, then this set is great for you as well! :)

✿{Overall Thoughts}✿

The packaging was adorable, it's what caught my eye the first place.

The pigmentation of the eyeshadows were depends, some were pigmented, while others were not.

The price was somewhat reasonable for the amount of eyeshadows you are getting.

The quality is good, the eyeshadows can be easily blended and are very soft.

Forever 21 Haul

I also wanted to post a quick snip bit from my latest haul from Forever 21, (I know, ._. I already bought things there recently, but this time, the items, were bought online since shipping was $21.)

I got a striped crop top, golden heart necklace and a stripe dress, all of which are super adorable!

And why is this haul relevant?
-It's because the stripe top and necklace are going to be featured in an upcoming an OOTD, which will be related to Hirunaka no Ryuusei (it's a shoujo manga)
-I'll talk more about the outfit and what I thought of the ending of HnR in the future blog.

Here are examples of outfits from the manga that I'm inspired by:

The colouring is from

On a side note, upcoming posts  may be less structured, and maybe more 'loose' in a way, meaning I'll probably add random posts along with the main subject of the post, just to make it more personal and welcoming. 

Anyways, if you have any questions about the palette, ask away!

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡.

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