Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Forever 21 Haul


I haven't been posting lately, sorry about that. >_< I've been too busy dealing with school and work. But now, that I have some free time (not really, suppose to be studying...._.) I'm able to make a new post and today, I wanted to share with you guys my small Forever 21 haul.

Forever 21 is one of my favourite stores to shop at. I like the variety of clothings they sell and at a reasonable price too! I usually tend to go for items that are quite girly (i.e, has floral patterns, laces and pink coloured) but I surprised myself this time, by getting none of my usual go-to clothing items.

What I got:

-Striped dress
-Tan coloured cardigan
-Green collared dress

Usually when I go in Forever 21, I tend to buy skirts over dresses, but the time I was shopping, they were having a great deal, in which, all dresses were 30% off! 
(NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, everything you see, I bought myself!)

Here's some better closeups of the items:

Saw this dress online and I was going to buy it, luckily I didn't!

My new favourite cardigan sweater, it's so soft, and the length is perfect.

Probably my second green dress I ever owned.
I took pictures of what each items looked like when worn as well. ^-^ (Perfect, excuse to camwhore, HAHAHA, xD) And to do different hairstyles as well. :3

Green Dress:
Socks from: Forever 21 | Wavy Hairstyle

Tan Cardigan:

Jean Vest from: Urban Planet / Black Denim from: Forever 21 | Side Ponytail
Crop top from: Forever 21/ Red skirt from: Urban Planet | Straight Hair
Tank from: H&M/ Skirt from: Forever 21 | Side Braid
Tank from: H&M/ Skirt from: Forever 21 | Side Braid

Stripe Dress:
Socks from: Forever 21 | Curled Hair
Belt & Hat from: Forever 21 | Curled Hair

From the haul, I have to say the cardigan is my favorite piece, since I can dress and match it up with a lot of different clothing articles, it's super soft and warm, and the length is great, it isn't too long to cover my knee high socks.

The striped is dress is really cute as well, but it only pops out when you add accessories.

The green dress is comfortable and snug, although, one of the main reasons why I bought it was because I'm going to dress up as Louise from Bob's Burgers for Halloween (well, either Louise or Tina).

The Belcher Family: Louise (left), Gene (center), Bob (back), Tina (center and right) and Linda (right)
(Photo credits to Bob's Burgers and Fox)

Oh, and if you been doing the long way by editing your pictures through your phone (i.e., loading pictures on dropbox, then editing on phone) like me (soooo smart /sarcasm), and don't have a simple photo editing program or photoshop on your computer, I found a great online website that allows you to edit photos for free and no registration!

Hope you enjoyed my haul!

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡.

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