Saturday, October 18, 2014

Strawberry Nails

Hi, everybody!~

Looking for an easy and cute nail design to try and do?

If you're like me, and are too cheap to spend or don't have any money on manicures, one cute & simple nail look is painting your nails into strawberries.

The materials you're going to need are:
-White nail polish
-Pink nail polish
-Green nail polish
-Top and a base coat
-Toothpicks (or bobby pins)
-Sparkling pink nail polish coating (This is optional though)

Top & Base coat is not pictured.

Let`s begin! ♚--->

1) Paint a base coat over your nails. This is to ensure protection for your nails as the nail polish does have chemicals in them and can affect your nail plates.

2) Next, you want to paint all your nails with the white nail polish with one coat. This is required in order to make the pink colour lighter. (If you're fine with the colour of pink you have, then you don't need to paint all your nails white.)

3) Paint all your nails, except one, pink.

4) Now, it`s time to create the leaves of the strawberry. I went for more of a cute approach, so the leaves are much bigger and the ends are rounded. In order to paint the leaves, paint the edges of the nail diagonally in a long line and then paint a line in the middle. Make sure there are spaces between the lines in order to create an illusion of the leaves.

5) With the remaining white nail, grab your sparkling nail polish and paint numerous coats over. The sparkly nail polish that I used was light, so I had to use four coats, in order for the pink to be more noticeable
Step 4 & 5.

6) After your nails are dried, now it`s time to create dots on the base of the pink colour. The dots are supposed to represent the seeds of the strawberries. If you don't have a proper dotting tool, you can use toothpicks or a bobby pin.

7) Finally, when you wait for everything to dry, you can paint your top coat over your design, to make it clear and have a protective layer.

The end look!

And you`re finished! :) Without spending any money, you can easily create your own cute nail designs, anyway you want.

Time of length: 20-30 minutes.

NOTE: If you're going for a realistic look, you can paint your nails red, but in this case I painted my nails a light pink, to go for a cute/kawaii look.

An alternative strawberry nail look.

If you've done a strawberry nail design, post your blog link below, I love to see other people`s version. :D

Thanks for reading,
Courtney. ♡

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