Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Too Faced: Brow Envy Kit Preview

Hello everybody! (*´・v・)

It's mid April and finals are almost done for me, hooray! I previously wrote a couple of finals, although, truthfully, I'm not feeling that confident for one of the finals I just wrote last week (╭╮). Seriously, it's probably due to the fact that I have a horrible habit of procrastination to study and even now, despite having an upcoming final, I'm here writing a blog post, which proves my horrible habit.

For this post, I'm excited to show you guys a preview and a look at of Too Faced's Brow Envy Kit. I got this from Nordstrom Rack's when I went to Portland with a close friend, a few months ago, since I need help maintaining the shape of my eyebrows, hahaha. (╹◡╹)

I haven't used the set yet, so this won't serve as a review, but more as a preview, to show what the set contains. As a warning or a heads up, this post will be obviously, picture-heavy!

Overall preview for the set.
At the back of the product, the description says:
"Be envied for your gorgeous brows with "Brow Envy", Too Faced's fool-proof kit that will have you arched, defined and framed like a star! Stop dreaming about having celebrity styled brows; have them! You'll be the envy of the A-List!"

First of, what I really like about the product, besides the colour of the packaging, hehe, was the fact that the overall package was adorable. The kit itself, is quite small, which is another factor I like about, since it carries numerous items within it, that I will go in further detail.

Pictorial instructions.
When you open the kit, the very first thing that comes up, are the instructions, which also have pictures, (thank-you!) that is super helpful, since I'm not the best, at shaping my eyebrows.

The instructions are:
1. Select the stencil shape that best defines you.
2. Combine the powder shades to match your desired brow color and fill in stencil
3. Tweeze the hairs outside the stenciled area.
4. Apply the brow wax with brush to set hairs and powder for perfectly set brows.
5. Use the pencil to create the perfect arch and tail for brows.
6. Finally, apply the highlighter under arch and blend outward for an instant eye lift.

Details of the products in the kit.
The very top layer of kit, contains four circular quads, a setting wax, a highlighter and two powders: a blonde brow powder and a brunette brow powder.

Closeup of the tools that were included.
The tools that came with the kit were:
a) Eyebrow angled brush - To apply the powder on
b) Miniature spooly - To comb the eyebrows, to make it look neater
c) Tweezers - To pull out excess eyebrow hair, making the eyebrow shape look cleaner.

Stencils and eyebrow pencils.
So what also makes the packaging somewhat unique, is that under the top layer, there is a mini drawer that contains three different stencil shapes and small eyebrow pencil in dark brown. 

 Femme Fatale.
 Girl Next Door.
Glamour Girl.
The size of eyebrow pencil, is smaller than the usual eyebrow pencil.
The eyebrow pencil comes in dark brown and a small sample size. From the kit, it was the only product that I used, since I swatched it. The product itself, is very smooth and soft, however, it also breaks easily, as after I used it, the tip immediately fell off.

Swatches of the eyebrow pencil.
To the left, I swatched the pencil twice, while to the right, I only swatched the eyebrow pencil once, hence the line being thinner and lighter.

Products that I use.
So the picture that you see above, are the products that I use currently for my eyebrows. The eyebrow pencil is from Joe Fresh, a Canadian company within the supermarket, Superstore, The colour that it is in is ash-brown. The eyebrow gel, is from the brand, Sonia Kashuk, which I got from Target, for really cheap, before it closed. (Oh, Target we hardly, knew ye!)

Daiso eyebrow pencils.
And of course, I went to Daiso a few weeks ago, and I picked up two eyebrow pencils, which I will review in a future post! The one on the left is in dark brown, while the other is just in brown.

On a side note, from my last post, I completed one of my monthly goals! :D I'm now an official tutor, and I will be teaching a learner how to read and write. I'm a bit nervous, since for me, it's a major position were it's a leadership position, as I've always been in the follower role. That being said, I'm excited to for this experience and hopefully I will find more volunteering opportunities!

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡


  1. I hope you do a review on the Too Faced kit! :)
    I have the eyebrow pencil on the right from Daiso too! The color is too light for me though, haha.

    Blogging with Marika

    1. :) I'll be sure to do a quick review on it, in a upcoming post! Oh cool, hopefully the colour won't be too light on me. Thanks for reading~

  2. Oooo I can't wait for the reviews!! :)
    I also use Daiso eyebrow pencils because I need to draw in my eyebrows ALLLL the time, it's cheap and has enough product to last a month or so :)

    1. Hehehe I'll be sure to review on the items! :A: I'm just horrible at starting my posts, so it make take me awhile >=< that's good to hear about Daiso's products.

  3. Waaa~~~I'm so happy to find out that you have included my blog in your recommended reads section.You're such a sweet girl!It's just that I've changed my blog address from Dollyberry to Beautybeans which means you can no longer access my blog through its old address.I hope you'll still support me.Btw,nice review.I love you.xoxo

    1. Aw thanks ♡ I will remember that you change your url and will fix my recommend reads asap! :)

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  5. Good luck with your finals! I hope you get a good grade :D
    The eyebrow kit looks soo cool & useful! I can't believe it even has stencils in it!
    xx Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Otaku Corner #03

    1. Hehe thank-you! I actually found out that I got a better mark than I originally thought :D I know the stencils are a cool touch on the product!

  6. good luck for your final. have a nice day!

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    1. Thank-you!~ :D I just followed back :) Thanks for reading.

  7. Wow all look so nice :3 Colors look really cool! Can't wait for a review >w<

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