Friday, April 10, 2015

Recent Buys ♡ // {Goals + Food Snaps}

First things first, how is it already April??? 

Seriously, the time has gone so quickly, especially this semester. Funnily enough, this week for me, is the last week and the last days of classes (hooray)! Though, the downside is that, this means that April is FINALS week. Which means, that I'm going to busy burying myself with papers, notes and coffee, and hopefully acing my finals. :/ So this means, that this post will be pretty long and picture-heavy, like the usual.

Anyways, if you have read or been following my blog, you might have known that I kind of have a shopping problem, especially when it comes to clothes, and surprise, surprise, this post, is going to mostly dedicated to my recent buys/haul.

And because I'm a such a shopaholic, the things you seen here, were actually bought around the beginning and the middle of March, and now that a month has passed, I actually have new clothing pieces that are currently tucked away. [☉。☉] (I need help!!!)



All the items from Forever 21.
So these three items you see here, are all from Forever 21. What I got were:
1. T-Shirt // "No one is perfect"
2. Crop Top // "It's just that I literally do not care at all."
3. Acid-wear Jeans

A sweater and a necklace.
Closeup detail of the necklace.
I'm actually surprised I got these items because they are from H&M and I never find anything from that store. What I got were:
1. Salt & Pepper Sweater
2. Spiky Silver Necklace

Shoes from Ardene's.
So I know people give flak for Ardene's shoes, but I find them comfortable, they can easily be matched with outfits and best of all, they're very affordable. What I got were:
1. Gray Slips-Ons
2. Black Flat Runners

Surprisingly, from my haul, I didn't buy anything that's pink, whoa. From all of them my favourite item has to be my acid-wear jeans, since it's very comfortable and it's my very first one! :D (I know, I know, pretty sad.)

Goals, Goals & Goals

Since school has basically finished and after finals I have free time, I decided to make monthly goals for myself! :D 

1. I need to get a job
-Like seriously, this way I won't feel guilty buying things, plus it will make me come out my shy shell that I have sadly reverted back to after I left my old job.

2. Try yoga for the first time
-I think it will be fun, plus it will help me learn how to become flexible and learn how to relax when I get anxious in situations.

3. Find volunteer opportunities
-New experiences, will help me grow and mature.

4. Attend classes that will help me lead to finding my career path
-This is so important because honestly, what I'm studying (health science & psychology), I can't even picture myself having a career in the fields. Don't get me wrong, I find the subjects that I learn fascinating/interesting, but as a lifelong career? I'm too sure.

5. Do something new
-Anything really, I need to venture out more.

6. Learn how to put eyeshadow on
-Hahaha, I really need to learn how to, because I want to learn how to create other makeup looks.

Of course, no blog post of mine is completed without Food Snaps

Seafood Udon at Bubble World!!!

Milk Tea Bubble Tea :)

Fries with omelette and bacon :A:

Salmon with rice from Denny's.

Hopefully, I will be able to update more in this month, but I'm not too sure, since my finals are spreaded out pretty evenly for once. 

As well, I know my blog posts has tended to sway away from just being a "beauty blog", but I like adding other segments to it, like lifestyle touches, hahaha, to me, it makes it so much more personable.

I'm going to end this post off with my favourite song at the moment, enjoy! :3

Ellie Goulding - Love Me Like You Do

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡


  1. The "no one is perfect" top is so cute! :)
    The bubble tea looks so good, but I don't really think it anymore since the bobba balls aren't good for you. :(
    And I like that Ellie Goulding song, but it always gets stuck in my head! Haha.

    Blogging with Marika

    1. Hahaha thank-you! :) I was so sad when I read about the bobba balls :A: cause having bubble tea is one of my favourite guilty pleasures.

      Same here xD the song always gets in my head if I hear it.

      Thanks for reading c:

  2. I'm addict into that song too nowadays.
    it's on my playlist now..hehe.

    btw, that udon look yummy ^^.

    1. I know!!! I have to play the song every time I'm listening to music. Haha thanks! It was delicious as well.

      Thanks for reading ♡

  3. First things first I'm the realest.
    HAHAHAHAHA i really thought you were gonna type that out... I also cant believe its April... I have so many assignments due and I haven't even started oh god. ;-;
    And omgggg the foooooood, i'm craving for seafood udon now.
    I wanna try yoga too!! :) I feel like I should slim down a little though, not sure if i can be able to be flexible with all these fats everywhere lol

    1. LOOOOOL xD I shall write that next time :$$$ I know!! Where does time go?! Seriously, this semester went so quickly @-@ food is good, the only things I will never feel guilty spending money on.

      Awe, I just want to learn how to do yoga so I can do the splits sooner xD

  4. I'm a health science student too! and tbh I don't see my career path in this particular field lol. Love your haul, Courtney! That spiky necklace is giving me life, it's so beautiful!~ <3
    - ieyra

    1. Hahaha, yeah same here! I only went into the program because I was thinking of how the baby boomers were aging, so I was thinking that I would be guaranteed a job.

      Thanks so much! I love the necklace as well and it's usually not my style

  5. I can't believe April is almost gone! The year is flying by so fast :D I really liked your pics! The gray slip-ons look soooo comfy!
    Celestial Love

    1. I know~ this year has been going so fast, thanks so much :) and the gray slip on are really comfy :D

  6. I walk past these two tops and jeans nearly everyday and I love them (I work at F21!) The jeans are so comfy too! need to get my hands on the 'no one is perfect' top asap! :)

    Kirsty x -

    1. Hehehe really? I used to work at f21 as well! So whenever I see people walking down the street I can sometime spot f21 items they wear with their outfits :p

      Haha, I really love the jeans and the shirt is really comfortable.

  7. I love your fashion haul, monochrome pieces are the best, they always match eachother, eh? ^_^ And that pic of bubble tea makes me want bubble tea even though it's 2am.
    Gonna follow your blog!


    1. Thank-you! :) Hehe bubble tea is the best, I will follow back asap.


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