Friday, March 6, 2015

Ciate Caviar Manicure in Cotton Candy

March is here (already?! (✿☉。☉)), and so is a new post!

Anyways, hello everybody!

Today I'm excited to share with you guys a new nail tutorial/post. I haven't done a nail tutorial for a while now and in fact, my last nail tutorial was my very first beauty and tutorial post on this blog! And about 2 weeks ago, I reread it and updated it, and oh my god, haha, it was kind of embarrassing (●//////●) because it was such a simple post and there was absolutely no colours on the post, which is weird, because I love using colours, it just brightens the entire blog!

► My very first beauty post and tutorial on this blog, Strawberry nails ◄

Usually, when it comes to doing my own nails, I love doing my own designs, but for this time, I was feeling lazy, so I decided to use my Ciate Caviar Manicure set.

Limited edition set, in Cotton Candy.
I bought this set a year ago, when I was in the States. I believe I got it from TJ Maxx, and for a reasonable price too, because I saw the exact same set at Nordstrom for double the price! The set I got is called Cotton Candy, and fittingly named.

At the back of the box are the instructions.
What the instructions are:
1. Work on one nail at a time and apply two coats of the nail polish
2. Place your finger over the tray and sprinkle the Caviar pearls over your painted nail, while the nails are still wet.
3. Once fully covered, gently press the pearls into your nail bed to ensure durability.
4. Wait for your nails to dry for 15-20 minutes.

NOTE: For me, I found out that waiting for the first coat of the nail polish to dry and then painting on the second coat made the outcome of the nails look better. As well, I found that working on all the nails at the same time when pouring the caviar over was more efficient and the caviar pearls stuck on more. 

The items in the package.

What the items in the set include:
-Caviar pearls in "Cotton Candy"
-Light blue polish in "Ferris Wheel"
-Mini funnel (to put the pearls back in the bottle)
-Clear tray (not pictured)

Now that everything in general is out of the way, onto the tutorial!

First step, putting on base coat for protection.
1) The very first and most important thing I did was put on base coat. With base coat, it will ensure that my nails and nail beds will be protected against the harsh chemicals that nail polishes contain. The base coat that I am using is from a brand called "Island Girl" which I got from the States from ABC stores, in  Las Vegas.

2) After waiting for my base coat to dry, I then put on one coat of "Ferris Wheel" on each nail. I waited about 5-7 minutes for the coat to dry. While the instructions tell you to put on a second coat right after, I felt that waiting for the first coat to dry, will ensure the light blue color would still be shown, if the pearls come off, which has come true, from the previous times I did this manicure.

Two coats of "Ferris Wheel".
3) Once the first coat of "Ferris Wheel" was dry, this was when I put on the second coat. Since the second coat is wet and I don't need to wait for it to dry, this is when I have to pour the caviar pearls on.

Pouring caviar pearls all over.
4) With the second coat wet, this is the time to pour the pearls all over. As soon as the caviar pearls were on my nails, I gently pressed them down, making sure they were stuck on. So unfortunately, not all the pearls could cover the entire nail, as you see some empty spots. This is the primarily reason why I waited for the first coat of "Ferris Wheel" to dry, so I would still be able to see the light blue polish.

The caviar are very colourful.
The pearl colours are blue, pink and light yellow.
Closeup of the results.
There's one important thing that I must tell you, if you're ever planning to do caviar nails, is that DO NOT put top coat on. This will ruin the caviar and make the colours run and loose.

Now that I got everything out of the way and over, on another topic, I just watched Kingsman: The Secret Service, with a friend, a few days ago, and ahhhh, it was so GOOD!

If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend, you do so, there was so much action and comedic moments. Colin Firth was great in his role, as Harry Hart/Galahad, I never really pegged him as an action-hero type actor, so he definitely changed my opinion of him. And oh god, I probably going to sound like such a little girl, but when the other main protagonist Eggsy, played by Taron Egerton, came out wearing the official Kingsman suit, he looked so hot/cute, hehe. (ω ) ~♪

Have you watched any movies lately? Would you recommend them?

As always,

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡


  1. ohhh, they look so cute!!

  2. Replies
    1. Haha, thank-you Danielle! :) It does give off a great 3D illusion.

  3. I've always been curious about these, they look so cute on your nails! I'm a nail biter, so I can't have these on or else I might accidentally forget and start chewing on them :x

    1. Thanks!!! I really like the effect of the caviar, they do tend to make the nails stand out more. Oh noes :x, well if it makes you feel better I tend to scratch of my manicure after two days. -.-

  4. This is amazing! Looks like the chocolate sweets that have sprinkles on, very cute :) Rebecca | xx

    1. Thanks!!! Hehe, they do resemble sweets~~

  5. 1. Those nails look AMAZING, I love them so much.
    2. I went to see kingsman recently and i agree it is a great film.
    3. I am new to your blog and i really like it.
    4. I am a new member.
    5. If you have a moment please checkout my blog I would love any support and maybe a follow xx
    Another Teen On The Web

    1. Thank-you so much!!! :)

      Sorry for the late reply, I will for sure check out your blog as soon as I finish commenting back to others!! Thanks for your kind words~ ^^

  6. I always wanted to try these for fun but if I were to wear those, I wouldn't want to do anything with my hands xD it looks cute though

    1. Hehe, I know what you mean!!! xD It's like right after you done the manicure, it gets annoying that whenever you do something it will eventually get ruin.

      Thank-you! :D

  7. Hi Courtney! Thank you for your time reading and commenting on my blog. Seems there's a problem with my Disqus bar, your comment didn't appear and I couldn't reply to yours. :/
    Anyway KINGSMAN was awesome!! Cute Eggsy! ;P an I love Ciate nail polishes.

    xx ieyra

    1. Hi Ieyra! :)

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog ^^ Aw, too bad about disqus :(:(:( Yes Kingsman was great!!!, and Eggsy is so cute!!

      I'm glad you like Ciate Nails as well :)

  8. So I recently saw Kingsman too and it really is soooo so good. I love the whole suits concept. Like, hi, thanks, yes, let's make this a thing! haha I thought the ending.. head scene to be a bit much though. I didn't find the humour in that but.. British humour I guess. lol

    annnyway, I haven't tried any Ciate polish because I have a thing with textures and they actually creep me out. LOL

    1. I loved the suits/style of Kingsman *-* especially the glasses. Haha, yeah I agree with the head scene too, though I couldn't think of how Eggsy and Merlin were gonna get out of the situation :P

      Oh really??? I guess I can relate too, cause when I first started putting on the caviar or nail beads it felt so weird whenever I would press my nails against my skin because (this is not the best descriptive word) it felt 'scaly'.

  9. My goodness!!!! I love those caviar nails!
    The only issue I had with them was that they don't last for more than a couple of... well minutes for me haha. Made me so sad because they look so fabulous on!!!!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog hun. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and keep in touch?

    XOXO, HaeMin

    1. Haha, nah I totally understand, I love doing manicures, but I'm the worse, because I always tend to scratch of the nail polish.

      For sure we can follow each other through GFC.

  10. I wish I could have longer nails to use it :( Your nails look amazing!
    Your blog is super cute!! ^_^
    I invite you to see my blog and tell me what you think! Kisses!

    1. Thank-you so much!!! :)

      I will definitely check out your blog! c:

  11. This reminds me of candy somehow hahah :D But it looks amazing on you! This kinda reminds of a nail polish, which I had lol.
    Btw I nominated you for the 'Versatile Blogger Award'! Hopefully, you will share with us 7 facts about you and all the other information is on my blog~~
    Can't wait for your post, dear <3


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