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[Review]: The Face Shop Green Tea Lotion Package // {P.O.V. + Outfit Pics}

So the past few days, I was cleaning out my room, and I stumbled onto this lotion package I recieved from my mom, months ago, unopened.She got it for me, in NYC, around August of last year (2014), and since then, I haven't personally seen this package in any of the local Face Shop near me.

Since finding these gems, I've been using them, for the last few days, over my usual Bath and Body Works Lotions and been pleasantly surprised and somewhat pleased by the products itself. (◠‿◠)

From this package you get the following items:
-Green Tea Mild Body Gel Lotion
-Green Tea Hand Gel Cream
-Green Tea Mild Body Wash
-A Loofah (not pictured)

At the back label, all of the products are described as "This fresh green tea scented product, makes you feel comfortable as if you take a walk in the forest." In addition, the products are said to have having green tea extract & olive oil within it.

Closeup of Mild Body Gel Lotion.
The description of  Mild Body Gel Lotion is:
"The antioxidant-rich Korean green tea and Olive oil leave your body healthy and glowing. Light texture lotion gets absorbed and provides plenty of hydration and nourishment. Enjoy your bath time with fresh green tea body care."

From the three products, the gel lotion is the only one that is not clear colored and see through. Also, and despite, the name and labelled "gel", the lotion does not have a gel-consistency at all, in a comparison with the other two products.

The lotion, when smoothed out.
In all honesty, I didn't find anything special with the lotion, to me, it's just a regular lotion, like any lotions you can find at the Bath & Body Works Shop.  A thing that I didn't like about this particular product was the fact it had a weird smell to it. Other than that, it was generally okay.

{Overall Thoughts}
❤ ❤ ❤ ♡ ♡

Closeup of the gel hand cream.
The description of the Hand Gel Cream is:
"The antioxidant-rich Korean green tea and Olive oil leave your hands healthy and glowing. Have your hands fresh all the time with green tea hand gel cream!"

Unlike the the body lotion, the hand lotion, is very thick in the gel-consistency, which I love, because it feels great and leaves my hands feeling smooth and soft. Also in comparison of the body lotion, the scent of the hand lotion is very pleasant and subtle.

The one thing that I don't enjoy about this product, is the sizeヽ༼ ಠ益ಠ ༽ノ Since the amount is much smaller than the other two products. but due to the fact it is a hand lotion, it's understandable.

{Overall Thoughts}
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡

Closeup of Mild Body Wash.

The description of the Mild Body Wash is:
"The antioxidant-rich Korean green tea and Olive oil leave your body healthy and glowing. Abundant and light lather cleanse deep inside the skin and bring out liveliness and energy to tired skin. Enjoy your bath time with fresh green tea body care."

Like the hand gel lotion, the body wash has a nice smell to it. However, while it does have a gel substance to it, its a lot thinner than the hand gel. Surprisingly, the body wash leaves my skin feeling the smoothest and I believe it's most likely due to the fact that when washed under water with the body wash, foam appears. 

{Overall Thoughts}
 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ♡

If you guys ever stumble upon this package or the products separately, I would highly recommend, the body wash and the hand gel. I would skip out on buying the body lotion because I feel like it`s like any generic lotion you can get anywhere, but just with green tea.

||Places of Vancouver||

If you're a fellow Vancouverite and are a big fan of high tea or a self-proclaimed "foodie", haha, than  you might have heard of a high tea place called Shaktea, on Main St.

Whereas previous high tea places I have been to, have been uber girly and princess-like, Shaktea is unique as it provides a more cool, relax and hipster atmosphere.

Like all high tea experiences, Shaktea provides the opportunity for people to converse and taste the food. However, unlike some previous places I've been too, Shaktea gives off a more relaxing environment, a sort of hangout where you can study with friends. The place even has some old-school board games for you and your friends to play while eating! 

High Tea tier at Shaktea.
Due to the fact that place is not of what a typical fancy and girly high tea would be, it's not surprising that the decorations and plating are casual.

What I like about how they organized the tiers was the the first two platings were sweet desserts, while the bottom plating was savory foods.

The first tier, a plating of sweets.
The second tier, pastry sweets.
The third tier, the choice of a crumpet.
The food that were given, were delicious, my favourite one was the salmon crumpet which was surprising because I have a sweet tooth, I would pick a sweet item over a savory one anyday.

Matcha green tea!
Of course, with high tea, you cannot go without it! I picked my favourite kind, matcha green tea (hmm, fittingly for this entire post, I might add!), and it was so good!

Logo of Shaktea. :)

Just some pictures of outfits I took recently. 

Cardigan: American Eagle
Crop Top & Black Skirt: Forever 21
Booties: Lucky Brand Jeans

Sweater & Socks: Forever 21
Skirt: Winners
Heeled Oxfords: Payless Shoes

Everything: Forever 21

I'm not sure when I will update next, because this upcoming week is going to be very hectic for me, since I have two papers to do, and two more midterms. :/ (It's going to be a long week).

But I will show you a picture of what I'm excited to review next and hopefully will post about it very soon! :D

Isn't this palette so pretty???

I'm lucky enough that I have a relative who works for Sephora, and was able to give me a discount of Tarte cosmetics' Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette! I'm so excited to use it, and will definitely write a review on it.

Thanks for reading,
Courtney ♡


  1. The next time I'm in Vancouver, I will definitely check out Shaktea! Thanks for the advice!
    Meg of An Affair of Character

    1. No problem! :) The food there was delicious! Thanks for reading. ^^

  2. Oooo nice review! :) I've never seen that packaging before in my local face shop either.. :/ maybe it was a limited thing?
    I've never tried high tea but it looks so fun and yummy D:

    1. Thank-you!!! :) I think maybe it was summer promotional sale :$ so maybe that's why I never seen it before as well!

      Hehe, I think everyone should try high tea at least once in their life! :) it's yummy and delicious, although most high teas have different themes, so pick a theme that you would enjoy! c:

  3. I love anything that has green tea in it, I might give this a try! Then again I don't think we have this entire line over here in our local Face Shop (・(ェ)・).
    Oh yes, please review the Tarte Palette! :D
    ieyra | babysoulz

    1. I love anything with green tea too! :D I'm not too sure about the availability of this line of the lotion package might have been a summer deal.

      Thanks for reading! :)

  4. love the way you combine this review post with little bit of smth else like places and outfit!seems you're into green tea things too? too!nice post btw!

    1. Awe thank-you! I really don't like short posts, (it's a preference) and I just love writing long posts, so I try to include what I can, too make it more than a beauty blog.

      Green tea all the way~ thank-you!

  5. Oh very cute outfits swettie
    And very lovely review`~♡(.◜ω◝.)♡

  6. I'd like to try it ! Thanks for sharing Courtney :)

    ♡ Follow me on GFC, I always follow back.

  7. Green tea is always a great choice for skincare products :) I'm pretty obsessed with green tea lol Sometimes I use cold green tea and put it on my face....So all the great ingredients can be absorbed by my skin c:
    Btw I'm looking forward to your review~ The palette is so pretty!

    1. Aw yeah, I love any products that have green tea and that's interesting about the cold green tea facial hahaha.

      I will for sure get onto the review of the palette.


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